The Entrance w.i.p 2

Hi all. Just a quick one this week and I thought I’d post a few pics of  some details of the Entrance board for The Chapel project. It’s coming along nicely and I’d say it’ll be finished by the end of next week………I hope 🙂

The tongue of concentration
a hole in the ground
It has lights!
Texture effects
Different flooring


Stay tuned for more images soon.

12 thoughts on “The Entrance w.i.p 2

      1. Shame you won’t be able to make it mate. The game is on the 15/16th September. If you’d like to send them by then they will be looked after and have their photo taken in the scenery. I’ll them get them sent back. It’s up to you though mate.

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      2. If I can’t be there I’d like my little guys to be there at least hehe. I’ll be there in spirit too. I’ve recently started my own business so couldn’t justify taking off overseas at the moment. I am quite gutted though as I really did want to go. I’m hoping to get over to the UK some time though so hopefully we can all catch up then. I need to see warhammer world before I die haha.


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