True Scale Trials

Hello all!

It’s been a while and I’ve been busy. While the Chapel boards take shape and the date draws near I have been busy with some other projects as well. One being an armour kit for making true scale space knights ( you like what I did there 🙂 and it’s been a trial. The idea behind it was to create a multi part kit, which consists of 2x toe armour, 2x heal armour, 2x greaves armour, 2x knee armour, 2x thigh armour, waist, abs and chest armour. This would allow the model to be posed in a variety of ways and I’ve gone through various designs and fails but now at last I think I’ve done it. The images below show the final version all primed and ready for painting as well as a scale comparison.

TS trials1TS trials2

Assembling a model like this is fiddly business and it took me a while to figure out the method that worked best for me. You basically have to start from the ground up and have a clear vision of how you want it to look, I found reference material on poses helpful. The one pictured above is based on the standard marine next to it and I hope you agree that the pose looks more natural.


Black Shield True Scale.
Detail of shoulder pad showing faded check pattern


So the finished model in all his renegade glory. Once The Chapel is over I will be concentrating on my next project and that’s a True scale Black Shield army and this model was a trial one for the paint job. I’m pretty happy with how the black turned out and found it a reletively quick process. 1 marine = 1 day 🙂

Cheers for looking.


16 thoughts on “True Scale Trials

  1. Superb mate – I won’t even pretend to understand the complexity involved in printing the buggers, but I can certainly appreciate the paint job! Shield is awesome, but I love the subtlety of the faded checks dude. One question – how does he stack up against the new Primaris jobbies?

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      1. Yeah it’s all going well thanks. I’m trying to build some scatter terrain for the woods at the moment, but I’m not ready to share the pictures just yet in case I cock it all up haha!
        How about with you?

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      2. That sounds awesome mate. I look forward to seeing them. I’ve been busy and I’m starting to work nights on the boards. Only one month to go!


      3. I’m starting to feel the pinch Of The deadline already! As you know, I’m a very slow worker. Is there anything in particular you need done for the game?

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  2. This all looks fantastic, the board is really coming along! I must say despite seeing a bunch of the Chapel posts and pictures on Instagram, I did not quite realize it was all part of a larger collaborative project (missed some of the initial posts I guess). Everything is really coming together! Had my brothers and I realized earlier, it would have been great to have gotten involved in one way or another!

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      1. No worries dude. I’m glad you like it. It’s been a labour of love and it’s nearly finished. The game takes place in a few weeks and I’ve still got a load to do. This is just the start as well, I’ve got more plans for it. The Chapel will call again and it may call you 🙂


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