A New Year. A New Start.

Well here we are again. A new year has just past us in a flash and it’s time once again to look ahead and make those changes you’ve always talked about and complete those hobby goals you’ve amassed year after year and will no doubt add to again this year. It’s all great fun though and that’s why it was a complete bummer when all hobby mojo left me at the end of last year. This was due to those pesky life problems and a good old dose of depression. But fear not! I am doing fine now and have started to get the hobby juices flowing again.

This post will hopefully layout the projects for this year and hopefully I will stick to them. I’m going to make a good effort in doing so as I think that’s one of the major driving forces for hobby satisfaction, the completion of a project. The projects listed below have all been started or have the models already to start. So here we go!

1: Realm of Warcry Nurgle Warband.

2: Inq28 Warbands. Inquisition and Genestealer Cults. Scenery

3: Horus Heresy Blood Angels.

4: Keeper of Secrets Greater Daemon of Slaanesh

5: Armies on Parade Dark Angles

6: Nobles of the Darkling Wood. Characters and Scenery

7: Frostgrave Warband for BOYL

8: Gorka Morka warbands and terrain

I think it’s a pretty doable list and I’m hoping it stays that way. Time will tell though and as we are all aware it only takes one new release model to throw it all into chaos 🙂

Lets now take look at some models!! Here we have the Inquisitor warband of Meridian Geld. There’s nothing particularly inspired by this group but it is a good old solid warband, with the usual suspects. All that is left to do is add a vehicle and paint them.

Next up we have my Nurgle Champion for Realm of Warcry. The very old and very dirty Bloabech Wormfinger Pallid Reaper of the Effluvient Mire.

Really quite pleased with this one and some of his followers are nearly finished as well. They are a group of Pestigors. Below is his stat card for playing the games.

Last but not least we have The Angels Tears for my Blood Angels Horus Heresy army. Loved these models from the moment they came out and wanted to do a good job on them. I’m quite proud of the red armour.

Well that’s it for now but the aim is to get a few posts done a month so I can document my progress and share wip shots with you all. Until next time!

9 thoughts on “A New Year. A New Start.

  1. A solid list my friend. I’m particularly excited to see the gorka morka stuff and the armies in parade project. Life can be turbulent at times but the hobby can be a real ally. I hope 2023 is a brilliant year for you.

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  2. I’m glad to read that your mental health is better and you have a positive list of goals for 2023 (although what Gorkamorka is doing on that list will be fun to find out as I love that game).

    I just hope that for both of us we’ll be the change we plan for. Good luck and I look forward to the results! :3

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      1. Likewise! I started with Second Ed and Orks and I just loved how comic they were (plus I loved Paul Bonner’s illustrations – his artbook is well worth purchasing). I loved playing Gorkamorka too when it first came out. :3

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      2. Paul Bonner, Adrian Smith and Kev Walker captured the character of orks wonderfully. I think they’ve lost a lot of that with the more current stuff, it’s like they’re too serious now 😆


  3. Agreed, but at least they’re bringing back the wacky inventions now (the Shokkjump Dragsta for example) and the surrogate Boarboys with those squig riders.

    One of my major hobby goals is to do a retroclone Ork army (so modern miniatures, but with Second Ed paint schemes).

    But I concur, they’re bringing back the wacky inventions, even the Ork-focussed Black Library novels are filled with comedy, so now I think it’s time they brought that back in the artwork too.

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