Preacher of SOL

A little post today regarding the the Preachers that travel with my Adepta Sororitas army. The preachers of SOL are a fiery bunch and can be found within the Battle Sisters line shouting the litanies of faith and adding their own voices to the chanting and singing of the sisters around them.

This model was great fun to paint and I made heavy use of the Contrast paints. They are a great addition to the paint range and are extremely good at creating glazes. As for the colour choices, I really wanted the banner to contrast heavily with the grey, drab cloth of the Preacher and yellow does this perfectly. I think he will stand out well on the tabletop. The ruin he’s standing upon is a failed 3D print of a free file I found ( forget where) and was the basis for the whole model. I worked from the ground up!

He’s not been made as a combatant but more like a piece of scenery that will accompany my army. I have a few such models planned. Now I must get around to actually painting some sisters!


15 thoughts on “Preacher of SOL

  1. Thats an amazing bit of work, as you stay the standard really contrasts well against the greys, and it looks great your free hand is top notch.
    It reminds me a little of the setting in Dark Souls the comptuer game with the colour choices.


    1. Thanks! Free hand is always a bit nerve wracking but it is very satisfying. I will need to take a look into Dark Souls. I’ve heard of it but not delved into any of the imagery.


    1. Cheers mate and yes. I might turn it into a transfer actually. Save from doing it all over again πŸ˜›


    1. Cheers mate. Never throw anything away mentality. I have boxes of failed prints, casts and the like.


    1. Cheers mate! My Sisters project is going to take a while. I’ve got a whole lot planned for them.


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