Mag Bellum Page

Well this has been a long time coming! Finally I have a dedicated page to Mag Bellum, my magnetic tile system. Over a few years now I have been developing this system and in that time it has undergone many changes and trials of different ideas, but now it’s ready to share with the world. If you have a 3D printer or access to one, then celebrate! For you have the means to create your own Mag Bellum table top experience which you will be able to store and move with ease.

Here are some images of the system in action. FYI the large stair case is not available yet as it needs some adjustment.

You can really do a lot with this system and it suits all types of play and you can also pick up a cobble stone set, which was used in a game of vampires vs vampires near the end of last year. Some images of that below!

Anyhoo I do hope you like what you see and are willing to give it a go. Any questions then please ask away. Cheers!

The Albino Woods I

Hello all!

Just a few bits today. A couple of pieces of scenery for the Albino Woods board and an extra addition to the Wytch Cult.

First up a Mile Maiden. These can be found in parts of the Albino Woods and are meant to present a mile has been traveled since the last one. Only thing is many have been smashed or weathered away over the centuries so they are not a really reliable measure of distance anymore.


Mile statueMile statue 2

Next is a big pile of rust. Rust is cool! I think this will look great next to IRO’s scenery.


rust p 2rust p 3rust p 4rust p1



Here is the latest addition to the Wytch Cult. The Flesh Cart. I fancied doing some gore and showing a helpless poor soul pleading for his life before getting stabbed again by the cart Imp.