Eavy Metal!! Old School.

Here’s a a bit of fun I’ve had putting together a few pages of old school Eavy metal, just like the ones from the old days. Oh how I miss them! Such great sources of inspiration then and now, I often have a look back through old White Dwarfs to find a spark for an idea and the Eavy Metal pages have always been great for that. They were bright and bold and showed the wide range of wackiness that is Warhammer. Glorious!!

4 thoughts on “Eavy Metal!! Old School.

  1. Looking good mate, brings back some warm, nostalgic memories for me too. πŸ™‚ Good to see you’re still painting as well, those Sisters look excellent.


    1. Cheers mate. I’ve been pretty busy on the hobby front but most of it is on Instagram these days. I should do a blog post round up of projects really. 😊


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