Pipeline Projects

Hello again!

As you all know as hobbyists we usually have more things on the go and ideas floating around in our heads than we can ever have a hope in finishing. This coupled with the ever expanding awesomeness of releases that feed our imagination and addiction makes this even harder to achieve. Now, I find it even harder still because, for the life of me, I just can’t leave a model how it is, it must be changed even if it’s just a head swap. So here I am compiling a visual list of models that will get my attention again in due course.

First up The war band of The Flawed Saint. This is a small project really and is designed for very small skirmish inq28 style games.

I actually finished the Flawed Saint herself the other day.


Next up is a Nurgle warband.


This is it so far. What I’m aiming for is a large group of poxwalker types ( I have loads on sprues!) called the Locked. I’m aiming for at least 20.


Flesh Eater Space Marines Kill Team.

flesh eaters marines

These guys have been around for a while and they’ve even had a few runs on the battlefield. I find red quite a hard colour to get right and I think they need more attention to make the red pop a bit more, although I don’t want them to look shiny. Marines, in my view, should always look like they’re in the wars. I’m planning on creating some transfers, or do free hand, for them as well based on the original design of their chapter symbol, which is much better than the newer one.



Lastly I am slowly collecting some good old pewter models. That’s right I’ve had an urge to get back to my roots and I’m tracking down all the models from The Realms of Chaos I loved as a kid, teen and young adult, and creating an old school Chaos army. I have a long way to go and at the time of writing some things are in the post, but here’s a few shots of what I have at the moment.

I really want some of the original Blood Letters, at least five, so if any of you wonderful people have them and wouldn’t mind parting with them then let me know πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Pipeline Projects

  1. All looking good. I always thought Flesh Tearers were but half a step away from Khorne at the best of times….

    Love the Flawed Saint stuff too.




      1. I still use RT in my games. Especially Inq28. As a rule book it’s still one of the best.


  2. All very interesting projects! I am restraining myself from buying more poxwalkers at the moment for the same kind if endeavour.
    The idea of a picture list of WIP projects is pretty smart, and very interesting as a reader πŸ™‚
    Seeing you posting agaib makes me want to finally start posting on my blog. Instagram is convenient but a good article is the best in my opinion…


    1. Instagram has it’s place but you are right a good blog post is better. I find that when people post a long story or description on Instagram I switch off to it and flick onto the next image, because that’s what it’s for, quick eye candy and inspiration. Blogs can compliment this, you can add so much more depth to your projects.

      I love the pox walker models, although I like them better without all the over the top spikes. A warband of shambling death has it’s appeal πŸ™‚


  3. I’m liking the look of all these projects, the flawed saint is looking very fine indeed. Great work on those Flesh Eaters, completely agree with you that marines should always look filthy, grim and battle worn (even the Ultramarines). You’ve reminded me of my plan to do a Knights of Blood killteam – another one for the list! I love a good old school chaos army, the Realms of Chaos books were just fantastic. Sadly I don’t have any of those old Bloodletters lurking amongst my old lead, otherwise I’d send them your way.


  4. Lovely stuff mate – great looking warbands, and the Flawed Saint is very cool. Good to see the lure of old lead is growing πŸ˜‰


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