Worship of the Worm. Maw Worm, The Plague Singer and The Women in White.

Darker and darker, he said; farther and farther yet. Death takes the good, the beautiful, and the young – and spares me. The Pestilence that wastes, the Arrow that strikes, the Sea that drowns, the Grave that closes over Love and Hope, are steps of my journey, and take me nearer and nearer to the End.”

Wilkie Collins. The Women in White

worship of the worm titlepage

The bell has tolled and now the lords and servants of the great worm rise to unleash their slow and painful wrath upon all that was green and good. In this post you shall meet the three that make up the leadership of my AoS28 war band.


A murderous, thrashing frenzy of daemonic disease. Maw Worm is a force of anti nature, a whirling mess of tentacles, teeth and chains and the demise of all living things. It is bound to The Women in White and has acted as her protector for many risings of the Worm and it is worshiped by the foul Excreted as an idol of death.



No one knows for sure but it is said that the small child like Plague singer is the offspring of The Women in White. This quiet diseased boy can be found shuffling around the group of worm worshippers with his daemonic book of songs following behind him, his presence calming his ladies throng of Excreted. That is until the time of the singing begins. With words that rot the soul and stir those infected to acts of bloody carnage, spitting putrid blood forth to corrode any life it touches, his words reach ears and they bleed rot flies and worms and are consumed from within. The power of the songs of plagues rushes over the battle field like a wind of rot and disease. Victims fall to the ground holding their ears trying to block out the insanity but they are in vain for once the song has you your soul will be forever damned.

the plague singer1the plague singer2the plague singer3


The central force of the worship of the worm. A sorceress of supreme power and as old as the earth she rises from. She is the caller of the Great Worm and as such commands its power, she is the lady of the Excreted, the foot soldiers of the worm cult, who are born from the Great Worm itself as it burrows through and consumes all in its path.

Her beginnings are unknown but Nurgle has bestowed great power and influence on her and when the cult rises it is her soft voice that stirs the The Great Worm and her followers rise from the earth to consume and rot the lands of Ghyran.

women in white1women in white2women in white3

19 thoughts on “Worship of the Worm. Maw Worm, The Plague Singer and The Women in White.

      1. I can imagine you did, I got some projects lined up that looks like a ton of fun. Just need to secure some bits without ruining myself in the process.


    1. Cheers mate. That was the aim. I’ve wanted to do a nurgle war band for a while now and these three have been rattling around my head for ages. Feels good to set them free.😊


  1. “Do what you were made for
    All must endure
    Soon the door closes for good or evil
    Are you the ice queen or
    Do you want to burn?
    Here see before you
    The kingdom of the worm”

    Excellent work, dude! I love this kind of subdued, but still super creepy and gross Nurgle-type stuff.


      1. Nah, it’s from a Motörhead song, Kingdom of the Worm. I get a lot of my 40K inspiration from heavy metal. There’s a lot of good crossover imagery.


  2. Oh my, these are fantastic! What a wonderful little collection of characters. Disturbing and scary without over-relying on classic Nurgle design tropes. Very cool!

    What did you use for the maw worms – very disturbing – head?


    1. Thanks very much. I cut down the head from the Nurgle herald model until it fit nicely in the hood. The idea was to mirror the look of the Great Worm.


      1. Wait, you mean the model now sold as Poxbringer, right? That’s ingenious — I would honestly never have guessed that!

        Cheers for the clarification! 🙂


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