CYBERPUNK 40K. Bringing the neon to the grim dark.


That’s right! I want to bring out the elements of 40K that are totally Cyberpunk. Why? Because I love Cyberpunk and with the release of Necromunda it is the perfect playground for such a thing.

First off, if you want to know more about Cyberpunk, have a read of this article on the subject. It’s well written and will give you a nice overview of the history of the sub genre and the films that were produced that shaped the style.

So recently I’ve been going back to my roots of sci-fi with the main focus on films like Akira, GiTS, Blade Runner and Johnny Mnemonic as well as artists like Simon Bisley, Kev Walker and Brom. Also the new releases on Netflix like BLAME, The Expanse and Altered Carbon have all got me thinking about applying cyberpunk themes to 40k and creating a gang of characters that are so wonderfully over the top and Cyberpunk that it hurts. Now 40K has a lot of Cyberpunk imagery already, just have a flick through Rogue Trader and you’ll see what I mean, so it is just a matter of focusing on the styles and colours that define Cyberpunk and bring them into the grim dark. As far as models are concerned the new plastic Necromunda models suit the imagery perfectly, as they should being largely inspired by what came before, but other manufacturers of miniatures will be used as well, along with my own designs that I’ll 3D print.


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First up we have this lovely lady. Poison Shade. She’s bad, really bad. A pumped up, psycho poser with cannibalistic tendencies that loves blades and more blades, especially ones covered in poison. She’s quick, acrobatic and extremely strong and loves nothing more than being dominant over everyone, especially men, whom she’s been known to eat for breakfast with a nice hot mocha after killing them with her butt cheeks. Miss Shade is all scary and has made a living from being so. Hire her at your peril and desperate men beware. So ladies and gents cover your crotch as I present…………..

poison shade banner




The main influence for this character came from the art of Simon Bisley. I’ve been a great lover of his in your face art for many years and I remember as a teenager being totally in awe of his style. His depictions of characters are wonderfully insane and so very over the top, especially his women characters. They are exaggerated to the point of being grotesque but even so you can’t help but look and you end up feeling dirty for doing so. No wonder I loved his work as a teenager 🙂 His art also possesses a vibrancy, a toxic overload of colour, which compliments his larger than life characters perfectly. That’s what I have tried to achieve with Miss Shade here. A toxic psycho you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark ally while boozed up and fiddling with your fly. You know it’s all going to end wrong.



This will be an ongoing project with no real-time limit and if any of you lovely creative readers want to get involved and poke some fun at 40K then please feel free.


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11 thoughts on “CYBERPUNK 40K. Bringing the neon to the grim dark.

  1. I assume then that you have seen the new Van Saar offerings then? ^^

    Personally, I love the cyberpunk genre, authors like Simon Morden and Jeff Somers don the shelves of my library alongside the classics of William Gibson and Philip K Dick. If you are looking for inspiration in film, I can also recommend the French title Immortal Ad Vitam and of course Ultraviolet (a terrible film, but it bleeds cyberpunk from every open vein).

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    1. I have indeed and they have to be one of the best looking kits I’ve seen in a while. So much potential, I can’t wait to get stuck into them. Ultra violet is poor but you’re right it a screams cyber punk. One book that should be made into a film has to be Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Its the ultimate cyberpunk tale…. Well I think so anyway. 😊


      1. I may well join you in this escapade; I think it’d be interesting to try and mesh the neon-industrialisation of classic cyberpunk with the grimdark aesthetics of the 41st Millennium that we know and love…

        Grim-neon, perhaps? ^^

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      2. Awesome! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I was thinking of doing some terrain as well. Could use glow strips. Grim-neon sounds good, gotta go put on some synth wave to work to now 🎹🔊😎


  2. Cool project and model! Being an old-timer, I see no contradictions here at all. 40k happily stole from every genre before the “gothic” arches seemed to overtake everything in terms of marketing and product. Necromunda always embraced the Cyberpunk aspect (along with the wild west, and punk, and…)

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    1. Thanks. I was going through the old blue Citadel catalogue, as a bit of research and nostalgic trip down memory lane, to look at the old Confrontation models, they were so cyberpunk. I’d love to get my hands on some again, I sold a lot of stuff off years ago. Do you own any?


      1. Yeah, I have some Brats and Tech-gangers – though not yet painted. (Of course!) I plan to combine the tech gangers with some of the AdMech arms rather than the old plastic arms that I can’t seem to find. Not sure what I will roll them in with exactly yet, though.

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  3. Very cool mate, and yeah, what Az said – there was much more going on in early 40k before the gothic vibe became top dog, so this is bang-on in my book! Looking forward to seeing where you take it 🙂

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