Ash waste Nomad

With the release of Necromunda not far away I thought I’d do a model inspired by the original concept for the game known as Confrontation. In the fluff they talk about the Ash wastes, a vast landscape of shifting ash dunes and of course the people who populate this ever-changing wilderness, the ash waste nomads. Set apart from the teeming hives the ash wastes presents a scope for some truly wonderful scenery and it’s this that inspired the base. Now I’m going to try to describe how I made it so bear with. I ‘ve been playing around with a technique using resin and water. In this case I used black resin in a plastic cup, waited until it’s nearly at the end of its pot life and then blasted it with some cold water from the tap. You then wait for the resin to cure completely, pour out the water and cut away the plastic cup. Due to its unpredictable nature the results are various and some are amazing and others are a fail so there is some luck involved as to what you get. The black resin offered up the best results for ash like forms and it’s this you see as the base.


The paint job was simple and very monochromatic and I made use of pigments to enhance the effect of the base and to add ash dust to the Nomad. Overall I’m very happy with the result and I even manged to paint it in one sitting! Something that doesn’t happen that often at all.

Below you can see a picture of some other results I got from the technique I just tried to explain using grey and natural resin. As you can see the variations are extreme.

resin effects



12 thoughts on “Ash waste Nomad

  1. I think your basing looks excellent. I like all the experiments you tried – in particular the middle one. Is black resin cheap? I’m not familiar with the different kind of resins. Also can I ask did you sculpt the cloak on the figure? The figure looks great too!

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    1. Thank you. Resin cost is varied. You can get sample amount from sellers on ebay from around £12 – £20. The black resin i used was quite dear but cheaper ones are available, just hunt around. The model is a Death Corp commissar with a head and weapon swap. I only added to the cloak with greenstuff to build it up a bit..


  2. How the shit did I miss this? I’m just on lunch doing some research on ash waste nomads and up pops this. The resin effect is really cool. I just watched a YouTube video recently doing the same thing with super glue water and bicarbonate soda.
    My idea for the nomads is to use a mix of Cawdor, Van Saar, Escher and Kroot. Great work mate!!

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    1. Ha ha that’s great mate and I’m glad you found him. The Ash wastes are an intreging setting and I’d like to delve into more but maybe in the future. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with mate.

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