But starts if a shadow fall;

And never a voice can make him turn

But the far off winds that call.

The twilight covers the dreaming hills,

The evening dews begin;

There’s none to care that he wonders there

There’s none to call him in;

And all the night, with his lonely light

He goes where the mists have been.

A.C. Huestis

Wisps are said to be parts of a young lads soul, who got lost within the wilds of the Albino Woods. The story goes that he went wondering but wondered to far and became lost and ultimately was consumed by the woods. At the time of death he asked the spirits to send lights to guide lost souls home for he was saddened to never see his family again. The spirits agreed and shattered his soul into tiny fragments and cast them to the wind scattering them through out the lands of  The Chapel.


Wisps can be found from the Albino Woods and rocky lands of the surface to the depths of the industrious hive that lays below. They are thought to be a good omen by many and have been known to guide to good fortune but equally for others they are a bad omen and have also been known to lead to your doom.

The Ostium Guides have many tales to tell about these mysterious things and if one is sighted while guiding a traveler, they would ask the traveler to decide whether they would follow it or not, for once decided to follow then the contract between guide and traveler is done and payment forfieted as the Ostium Guides know not to follow for they have a new guide now, one that could lead to a very different fate.

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