Æolus the Scarlet

Æolus the Scarlet, or The Scarlet Guide as he is known, is a romantic soul who’s travels have brought it’s fair share of tragedy to his life. Once madly in love he and is dearly devoted traveled the roads of The Chapels surface, fending of attacks, guiding those who paid well and dispatching those who refused. A life of adventure they shared under the pale burn of The Chapels sun. This life of love and daring all came to an end at the hands of an off world traveler.

What happened is not known, for he does not speak of it, the pain is too great and it has consumed him whole so now he lives a life as a solo Ostium Guide. Æolus is a hard guide to find and those who do pay well for his services for it is said his knowledge of the roads that lead to entrances is second to none, that and his sword play is a thing of deadly beauty.

With him at all times is a mask and a lock of hair. He often speaks to these objects vowing a revenge and one can only assume they once belonged to his long lost love, if this behavior disturbs his clients they never say and he never cares to explain, until the end.

At the end of the travelers journey to an entrance of The Chapel, Æolus will ask a favour.

“Thank you for your payment and company kind sirs and may I say how nice it is to not part ways with a corpse.”

“I do, however, have a favour to ask.”

“If you find what you’re looking for and are able to leave the depths you are about to travel, then please seek me out and tell me all you have seen and heard.”

“I will pay you handsomely, especially if you have information about The Heptameron.”



I have been amazed by the work being created so far for this project and the bar has been set high so I thought I’d better pull my finger out and step up. The wealth of ideas being created has been truly inspirational and I hope all who are involved are enjoying themselves. You know who you are so thank you for being awesome. The Chapel awaits and The Ostium Guides will take us there.

22 thoughts on “Æolus the Scarlet

      1. Cheers mate – I just got the idea that being a guide would probably be a profitable if risky activity. Competition for contracts would be fierce, with guilds, syndicates & family firms popping up as well as lone wolves – a bit like prospectors I suppose! Plenty of scope to play with this idea 🙂

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  1. A great conversion. He looks exactly the way you explained him. What is the rock he is sitting upon made from? Foam? I’m thoroughly enjoying being apart of this project. I think you can tell my boyish enthusiasm haha.

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  2. Very cool kitbash – I am liking that a lot of the pieces put together seem to be more civilian or adventurer themed than the out and out war theme of 30k/40k. Inquisitor always seemed to be richer because it had an broader & deeper scope than simply war.

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  3. Fantasic creation! I especially love how he fits your story rather than mid-battle pose. The mask and hair are brilliant additions and I too want to hear more about what he is seeking in the challenge, and why can’t he enter and find it himself…

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