The Ostium Guides

Welcome weary traveler, pilgrim of the night.

Over these foothills you find your destination.

Is it not a welcome and pleasing sight.

Although I feel the need to mention.

That this may be your final destination.

The city before you changes by mind.

Your thoughts and fears come to life.

A pleasure so sweet can end so unkind.

Walls that shift could lead to strife.

Or something more sinister to end your life.

So enter weary traveler, please.

For the road is clear and now I must leave.

But before I go I think a token that would appease.

A small price to ask, for now you may percieve.

That The Chapel may never ever let you leave.


The Ostium Guides are capricious individuals who, for a fee, will guide a traveler to an entrance of The Chapel. They reside in the many villages and towns that can be found in and around the Albino Woods on the surface of The Chapel, boasting of their skills and claiming to know the safest ways in, which of course non of them are, and assuring their clients of their skill at arms if any unfortunate soul should cross him or her, which of course they are and this is meant as a threat as well as peace of mind.

As guides they are unmatched and take joy in pointing out locations and their tainted history and telling over imaginative tales of other travelers and the deeds they did in keeping them safe or relieving them of their heads when a double cross had occurred.

If a confrontation occurs on road then the Ostium Guide will fight with skills of a dancer and many a traveler has been impressed by such a display and has tried to recruit them but to no avail, as the Ostium Guides never enter the vast underground city of The Chapel. Why this is is unclear but not one of their calling has been known to do so. Some secrets are kept well.

Payment is always due at the end of the journey and it is always wise to pay in full for if you cross an Ostium Guide they would make you wish you hadn’t for even if you kill one they would have made you pay. This outcome is why there is so many bones surrounding an entrance to The Chapel.


So to those who have been called to The Chapel! I have a challenge for you. A little project if you will.

As you can see there are no images of The Ostium Guides and so I ask each of you to design and name one and then write a post about he/she and refer it to this one.

Happy kit bashing!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

15 thoughts on “The Ostium Guides

  1. Albino woods eh? That sounds like a great setting in itself.
    I’ll take you up on this project! I’m thinking female, matted furs, shaman trinkets, bandages, maybe a long staff. Is that something like what you had in mind?

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      1. So you’ll be making trees then? I’ll probably be buying a few of them from you for my Mordheim board (once I get round to doing it).
        I’ll get started! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Interesting… A bardic, forest-dwelling, untrustworthy guide… Sounds almost like a 41st Millennium wood elf. Fuel for the imagination certainly – I’ll see what I can come up with πŸ™‚

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