Those who would brave The Chapel

The Chapel is calling and it’s secrets and riches are yours if you dare penetrate it’s hallowed halls, crumbling library’s, oil slicked and rust cracked factories and death lingering catacombs.

To take on the many locations of The Chapel you will need a Warband of daring and zeal, fire power and strength of mind but most importantly a desire for secrets and knowledge. So a typical group will consist of the following:

1. Lord ( Psyker or not )

2. Acolyte ( Psyker or not )

3. Psyker ( Astropath, Navigator, etc )

4. A walker of some description

5. Henchmen. These can include Imperial Guard, Space Marines, specialists, assassins, mutants, Mechanicus, servitors and even Xenos. The only restriction is you can only have up to 6.

6. Servo Skulls and other little pests. No limit on these.

The idea is that the group can be split either by the player or because The Chapel feels like it, so you could find elements of your group separated and fighting to stay alive in some dark place of The Chapel or even on the harsh surface of the planet.

The Chapel has a role to play in each battle and this will work by having two decks of cards which one will be drawn by each player at the start of the turn. The cards taken will have an effect on the groups or individuals so keep in mind the potential randomness of the games as the terrain boards you fight on will have effects on the characters under your control. Sometimes being a Psyker isn’t a good thing πŸ˜‰

Who are you fighting?

The inhabitants of The Chapel of course! They are varied and you should let your imagination go mental. Groups and gangs can be created to populate The Chapel and they must have descriptions and back ground so take your time. The aim for this project is to have it documented into a book and those who have taken part will get one. That brings me up to the next part. I will need stories, art work, maps, etc and I’ll be taking photo’s of all the models involved.

So get writing, get scribbling and get kitbashing! This can be a wonderful colaboration project and I hope to get a few more people involved but for now the people who are






Glad to have you on board!!

Any questions please ask πŸ™‚



75 thoughts on “Those who would brave The Chapel

  1. Ohhh wow!!! I’m super excited. Some questions though man. 1. When you say walker, do you mean like a sentinel? 2. Is there a limit on how many bad guys (Chapel inhabitants) ? 3. Could either or both of my recent warbands fit the bill? Heretic Warband for Chapel inhabitants and Outgard for the good guys( I can reduce to 6). Or should I make all new models??? I hope all that makes sense. I’m excited about the fluff eye too.

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    1. Without knowing anything else than we all can read my guess is that the walker type model could be a sentinel or dread but also some big monster type model. Your Psykers doesn’t really need to be Psykers but they have Psyker type abilities. You can use a tech-priest magos as your psyker. His archeotech devices gives him powers. Just justify everything with a backstory and your good to go I guess.

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    2. I think you’d want to make new models πŸ˜‰ I know I would. A walker can be a sentinel or dreadnaught or any other walking monstrosity. As for the inhabitants you make as many as you like. These may not take part in the game but are great for making the whole project come to life.

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    1. Yeah it’s the ozzy in me. I would like you to post them on your own blogs for now, just refer them to The Chapel project. You could even create a little logo to go in the corner of your images. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with so far.

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  2. Oooooh, I think a little bit of wee just came out! I will dedicate my current project to the Chapel as denizens, and then my warband will be started… oh yes, it will be splendidly eldritch… I warn you all now though, I won’t be the quickest, but I’m busy plotting πŸ˜‰ Now, one of us just needs to win the lottery, book a 5 star hotel in Hong Kong for a week, and then fly everyone and their minis in!

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      1. I’ve had a few thoughts on that. 1 You send your models over to England and I play for you or 2 You find someone whos keen to take part where you are and have a game and send me the pictures and report.

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  3. I’ve made six models today. Question, is it 6 models in total or up to six henchman as well as the other members of the Retinue? I just want to keep making more, more and MORE!! Haha. I’ll do a post per model with fluff and possibly some sketches.

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  4. I’m loving how inspired everyone is for this project! Seriously, hats off to you for getting the ball rolling πŸ™‚ I’m working on a band of fiery eyed witch-burners myself, ready to cleanse the filth pulsing through The Chapel’s cavernous veins.

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      1. Hey mate. I just learnt that fire is backwarwads to what you would normally thing. I painted mine on one of my jurors from dark to light but it’s actually the other way round. Light to dark. I can’t wait to see your submissions man.


  5. Really impressed by the creativity and breadth of ideas that people have been showing of with their work in progress for this project. Would it be ok if I contributed a few pieces – I’m current mainly working on my 30k mechanicum themed army for an event in May so not likely I will find time to finish a warband, but I am hoping I will have time in my hobby schedule to do a few Inq28 themed characters and the Chapel Project would seem to be a nice thematic background to tie them into πŸ™‚

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    1. Glad you’re enjoying what’s happening. I’m pretty stoked by the enthusiasm The Chapel has created and the work being done is awesome. It’ll be great to have you on board if you feel inspired, so please create away. The journey has just begun πŸ™‚

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  6. I don’t play AoS, but I do play 40K. I was wondering if I could make a warband as a sort of faux “detachment” within a larger 40K game and focus a story on the exploits of the warband for a Chapel Game?

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